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Various Samples (Recorded 2006)
TRUMPET CLIPS by mattrobertsmusic
– Solo and Accompanied Choral
– Classical Trumpet Repertoire
– Jazz (Flugel) Repertoire
– Jazz Standards
– Harmon Pop/Jazz Solo

The Sound Ideas Film Orchestra Live (2006)
The Sound Ideas Film Orchestra by mattrobertsmusic
– Principle Trumpet and Soloist

Big Band (Recorded 2007)
Big Band by mattrobertsmusic
-Lead Trumpet

Small Band (Recorded 2008)
Smallband by mattrobertsmusic
-Trumpet and Flugel

High Register Playing (Recorded 2008)
High Register Trumpet Playing by mattrobertsmusic

“Shot Down” – Razorbax
Razorbax Sample by mattrobertsmusic
Recording with the Razorbax. Here’s a short filleted sample (Trumpet @ 0:43). Obviously showing off the multi-track trumpets. Me playing with me, me and myself.

Solilodrama – Orignal Composition by Chris Birch
Solilodrama by mattrobertsmusic

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